Functional Wellness Care

Your Guide to Functional Wellness Care Begins in Los Alamitos

Our practice goal in Los Alamitos is for the integration of chiropractic care with whole body-centered care that promotes positive health and vitality. Our chiropractor, Steven B. Wasserman believes that functional wellness needs to incorporate education, treatment, and prevention of chronic joint pain and/or inflammation in the body.

Your Guide to Functional Wellness Care Begins in Los Alamitos

The key to overall wellness is to locate the origin of the pain, when it began, your background health history, and lifestyle considerations. We then tailor a customized treatment plan for a patient's unique situation, including all solutions that lead to the road of healing and recovery. 

Mind, body, and spirit--the physiological factors that make up functional wellness care is something we pride ourselves on in Los Alamitos, solidifying a therapeutic partnership to find the root causes and symptoms of your pain, thus managing the discomfort with our patient-centered approach.

The Elements of Functional Wellness

Our chiropractor helps to motivate and inspire patients on how integration is the number one road to healing. As the whole-body benefits from each segment and step within our systems-oriented approach, your unique expression begins to see an upward trend in health and energy.

Following are the focused elements included in functional wellness care:

  1. Non-toxic nutritional therapies 
  2. Spinal alignment and pain management
  3. Exercises to restore mobility in joints and sites of chronic inflammation
  4. Dietary supplementation
  5. Mindfulness 
  6. Lifestyle consultation

It's a matter of every one of our wellness modalities working in harmony to bring the body back into balance. Returning the body to a state of homeostasis is no quick fix. Our Los Alamitos chiropractor understands how one interaction leads to the next, and how muscles, ligaments, joints, and tissues strive for natural collaboration. 

An initial assessment and health history forms are administered prior to any treatments or recommendations. We want to ensure that you fully grasp the commitment it takes to restore your overall well-being. Because we steer clear of a disease-focused approach, and instead, take the natural path towards the systems-focused approach, Dr. Wasserman will be able to address complex issues and renew your health with comprehensive lifestyle adjustments.

We Want to Help You Find Your "WHY"

Functional wellness care has become significantly popular in recent years, and as your chiropractor, we will work together to restore your health and maximize wellness.  If you suffer from lack of motivation, Dr. Wasserman will help you find your "why." That is the reasons for treating your overall body, and not simply a symptom of a disease or illness. 

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