Excercises Stretches Care Of Sprain Strains

Weight Training, Stretches, Lifting and Workout Excercises, with Real Instructional Pictures in Motion!




Select a muscle group under each area to see the corresponding trigger points, referred pain patterns and stretches that should be performed.



Acute Care of Sprain and Strain Injuries

1. Control Swelling With RICE Therapy

  • Rest the sprained or strained area.
  • Ice every 2 hours for 20 minutes. (After 48 hours, Ice for pain, heat for spasms every 2 hours for 20 minutes)
  • Compress by wrapping an elastic (Ace) bandage around the joint or limb, or if needed, a lumbar brace or cervical collar for the spine.
  • Elevate the extremity that is injured above the level of the heart.

2. See Your Health Care Provider

Most severe strains and sprains should be evaluated by a health care provider. Consult a health care provider as soon as possible if there are symptoms of a possible broken bone:

  • There is a "popping" sound with the injury.
  • The person can't move the injured joint or limb.
  • The limb buckles when the injured joint is used.
  • There is numbness or tingling down your arm or leg.
  • There is significant swelling, pain, fever, or open cuts.

3. Follow UpLB Stretch

  • Continue RICE for 24 to 48 hours, or until the person sees a health care provider. The health care provider may want to do X-rays or an MRI to diagnose other than a simple sprain or strain to rule out a broken bone or other pathology.
  • In severe cases, go immediatly to the emergency room or urgent care center.
  • All physical activity to tolerance.
  • Avoid all activities that involve prolonged sitting, standing, or walking. 


Low Back

Low Back Stretches above print


Pilates for low back

Pilliates Leg Extensions for Low Back Pain above



Neck, Shoulders, & Arms Stretches above print



Legs, Groin, & Hips above print


Cervical Isometrics and Stretches

Do three sets, 10 seconds each, 3x/day

Left, Right, and Forward, do three sets, 10 seconds each, 3x/day

The below stretches are to be held for 10 seconds each, two-three times per day.

#1 Front

#2 Front

#3 Front

#3 Side

#4 Right Side

#4 Left Side

#5 Inside

#5 Outside


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